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The Crow Patrol was established during the 2017-2018 winter crow roost season. Dana Duxbury-Fox and her husband, Bob Fox, got the ball rolling
with an expanded fascination of the local winter crow roost along the Merrimack River in Lawrence, MA. They invited Craig Gibson to join them,
and to help with observing, monitoring, and photographing. Many others have participated, and all are welcome to become members of the Crow Patrol!

Fish Crows Ferrous Site

Submitted by Craig Gibson: 2019 Crow Patrol Observation notes: clear skies, bright sun, wind from the W at 10MPH, and temp at 82F The gang of young Fish Crows continue to hang out around the Ferrous Site, and are being seen in late afternoons and early evenings.  They spend time perched in trees, on utility wires, on fence tops [...]

Fish Crows at Riverwalk behind 280 Merrimack St.

Submitted by Craig Gibson: 2019 Crow Patrol Observation notes: just after 6:30 PM under mostly cloudy skies, winds from SW at 7MPH, and temp at 79F. The Young Fish Crows continue to move around the local area along the Merrimack River.  Discovered over 50 Fish Crows mulling around the fenced in the construction zone behind 280 Merrimack St. This [...]

Young Fish Crows again!

Made another late afternoon visit to the Ferrous Site in search of young Fish Crows.  They are easy to find around this location late in the day and their distinctive call helps to make easy identification.  The Fish Crow call is a high-pitched, nasal "ca-hah" or "aw-uk."  They were perched in nearby trees and foraging on the ground. They [...]

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Crow Specimens: San Diego Museum Natural History!

Had a wonderful opportunity to tour the San Diego Museum of Natural History, on a recent family visit to San Diego.  With special thanks to Phil Unitt, who serves as the Curator of the SDMNH Bird Collection. Phil is a specialist in subspecies identification of California birds and author of The San Diego County Bird Atlas, The Birds of San Diego [...]

Young Fish Crows at Ferrous Site

During the summer months, the younger Fish Crows tend to remain in the local area.  These are usually one and two year old Fish Crows.  Unlike American Crows, these young Fish Crows are not cooperative breeders.  They do not stay with their family unit and help raise the brood in the current year.  They have not yet reached breeding [...]

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Crow Patrol: Dec 2018 Pellet Analysis

In early December 2018, the truck depot parking lot along South Canal St. in Lawrence, MA provided ample opportunity to collect ejected pellets from the wintering American and Fish Crows. Each morning, the Crows left behind cast pellets from the night before. From Birds of North America, we learn that Crows casts pellets throughout the day and overnight in [...]

Young Fish Crows at the Roost!

Sunset time 8:07PM under partly cloudy skies, light wind, and temp at 57F. Out taking night time cityscape photos on the Duck Bridge in Lawrence, and just happened to encounter over 250 Fish Crows staging at the very west end of the Riverwalk Apartments building rooftops. The Crows were then seen moving into the final roost in the tress along [...]

Prof. John Marzluff to speak at library: Andover, MA

Professor John Marzluff: Gifts of the Crow Prof. Marzluff will speak at Monday, June 3, 2019 - 1:00pm at Memorial Hall Library. Memorial Hall is the public library for the Town of Andover, Massachusetts. Crows are mischievous, playful, social, and passionate. They have brains that are huge for their body size and exhibit an avian kind of eloquence. They mate [...]

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Museum Open House: Recent exhibition about crows at the Essex Art Center

Museum Open House features and highlights many of the outstanding museums and art centers throughout the state. The main purpose of each program is to inform viewers about current and upcoming exhibits, various programs, resources, and other opportunities that might be available to the general public. The show is hosted by New TV, an EMMY Award winning state-of-the-art media [...]

Crow Patrol: staging Bulfinch Drive

Sunset time at 7:10PM under clear skies, wind W12MPH with gusts 21MPH, temp at 40F....posting and photos submitted by Craig Gibson A brief solo Crow Patrol visit along Industrial Way and Bulfinch Drive to look for staging Crows. Small numbers seen one hour before sunset time. Crows were starting to gather behind Joseph's Middle Eastern Bakery and along the [...]

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