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Winter Crow Roost: streaming past St. Patrick’s

Conditions: overcast skies, wind SW at 5MPH, temp 39F; sunset time 4:34PM Two of us out on Crow Patrol just after 4 PM starting with this stops at multiple nearby staging locations. As part of ongoing citizen science efforts, we continue to monitor as many staging locations, especially the early ones. The biggest staging area was observed about 1/2 [...]

Winter Crow Roost: rooftop staging!!

Conditions: overcast skies, wind NW 6MPH, temp at 38F; sunset time 4:33PM Out on Crow Patrol and scouting out staging locations with heaviest action around extended Shawsheen Park area located to the east side of Osgood Street. Heavy incoming flight streams into the area with loud vocalizations. Moved to top of McGovern parking garage to observe final staging activities. [...]

Winter Crow Roost: staging area 3/4 mile away

Conditions: overcast skies, wind SW at 5MPH, temp at 33F; sunset time 4:32PM Out on Crow Patrol just after 4PM with earlier look at Crows on trees along Prospect Hill. After scanning multiple prior staging locations, but more importantly watching initial incoming streams of Crows, made way to neighborhoods on both sides of Mass. Avenue heading SE towards Rt. [...]

Winter Crow Roost: staging more to the west

Crow group settling into the roost on lower branches! Conditions: mostly cloudy, wind S at 8MPH, temp 35F; sunset time 4:20PM Out on Crow Patrol with Will and with many locals stopping by during our outing. Initial stop along South Canal Street. Most of the staging activity was to our WSW with Crows staging on rooftops, utility [...]

Winter Crow Roost: flight swirls galore!

Conditions: clear skies, wind NW 20MPH with gusts to 32MPH, temp at 30F & wind chill 17F; sunset time 4:19PM Out on Crow Patrol for over two hours with initial visits at regular staging areas and observing light action. Moved on to South Canal Street and observed growing numbers of staging Crows many in large swirling "kettle" type flight [...]

Winter Crow Roost: flight swarm!

Dramatic drone video of Crows entering overnight roost! Conditions: mostly sunny, wind Sw 7MPH, temp at 48F; sunset time 4:18PM Out on Crow Patrol with initial stops at regular nearby staging locations with little action. Crows seen streaming towards one of the staging areas around Ferrous Park on the north side of the Merrimack River. This view below [...]

John Kricher: social groupings and Crow Roosts?

As many of you may know, John Kricher, well known to many of you in the extended Boston area, is a Professor Emeritus of Biology at Wheaton College in Norton, MA, where for 48 years he taught ecology, ornithology, and vertebrate evolution. He's a Fellow of the American Ornithologists Union, and is past president of the Association of Field Ornithologists, [...]

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Hartford Crow Roost

Conditions: mostly sunny skies at sunset, wind SW 7MPH, temp at 29F: sunset time 4:26PM While on my way back to Boston, after being in NYC for family time and Christmas celebrations, made a stopover in Hartford in search of the longstanding Winter Crow Roost. After scouting out numerous staging areas, was only able to make a few Crow [...]

Winter Crow Roost: flight show!

Conditions: partly cloudy, wind W at 3MPH, temp at 36F; sunset time 4:15PM Out on Crow Patrol for almost two hours, with initial quick stops scouting for staging areas, including top of parking garage. A few Crows seen streaming in form the W and continuing past garage complex. It was a very unusual pattern and quite different from recent [...]

Winter Crow Roost: flight action and liftoffs!

Conditions: partly sunny, wind W at 11MPH with gusts, temp at 39F; sunset time 4:14PM Out on Crow Patrol for almost 90 minutes with initial stops at regular nearby staging areas and then up to the roof of the McGovern parking garage. We had distant views of St. Patrick Parish and the tall steeple in the background. This image [...]

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