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The Crow Patrol was established during the 2017-2018 winter crow roost season. Craig Gibson, Bob Fox, and his wife Dana Duxbury-Fox got the ball rolling with an expanded fascination of the local winter crow roost along the Merrimack River in Lawrence, MA. They spent over 160 observation nights during the winter of 2018-2019 observing, monitoring, documenting, and photographing the amazing crows. Craig has already had over 60 observation nights, with a constant eye on both staging and roosting patterns, during the 2019-2020 season. Many others have participated, and all are welcome to become members of the Crow Patrol!

Winter Crow Roost: New Balance!

Conditions: clear skies after dark, calm, 57°F; sunset time 6:53PM Observation details: viewing underway from north side of Merrimack River about 50 minutes after sunset time. We set up on east side of Mill240 building with views directly across river towards the overnight roost that runs just over 200 yards from east to west along the river. The viewing [...]

Fish Crow Roost: Rooftop Mill240

Conditions: heavy overcast skies, fog and drizzle, visibility just over 1 mile, light wind, temp 65F; sunset time 7:16PM Observations: initially discovered and observed staging Crows along Market Street behind Lawrence Pumps; then along South Canal St., then with awesome views from the rooftop at the Mill240 apartment building, thanks to Stafford and Mill240 staff. Upon entering rooftop, the [...]

Fish Crows staging in O’Connell Park

Conditions: mostly clear skies, light variable winds, 70F; sunset time 7:19PM Observations: while heading home, discovered a staging group of Mostly Fish Crows and smaller numbers of American Crows loitering around O'Connell South Common near intersection of South Union and Market Streets. Initially saw over 50 Crows raiding an overstuffed park waste can with Crows on top and mulling [...]

Fish Crow Roost: before dawn!

Conditions: overcast skies, calm, 61F; sunrise time 6:05AM Observation details: arrived almost 90 minutes before sunrise time. Crow roost uniformly quiet and spread out in perch locations. Around 75 minutes before sunrise time, initial murmuring began, with increasing frequency and intensity; Mostly Fish Crows with a number of American Crows. Crows were spread out in trees on south side [...]

Bird Behavior: new book by John Kricher!

A fascinating look at what birds do and why they do it! Here's a description from the publisher: Both casual and serious birdwatchers can take their skills to the next level with this detailed consideration of bird behavior. This book makes it possible to move beyond identifying birds to understanding some of the underpinning and meaning to what birds [...]

Fish Crow Roost: at dawn!

This short video shows a left to right panning view of the overnight roost taken from the Duck Bridge! Conditions: clear skies at dawn, calm, 55F: sunrise time 5:57AM Observations: made from the west side of the Duck Bridge during nautical/civil twilight for just under 60 minutes. Upon arrival the Crows were tightly packed, on the outer [...]

Fish Crows gathering back of truck depot!

This time lapse video shows mostly Fish Crows as well as American Crows mulling around on the ground early evening prior to moving in flight to the overnight communal roost about 250 yards away! Conditions: partly sunny, wind WSW 6MPH, 91F; sunset time 7:52PM Observed a mix of mostly Fish Crows along with a smaller grouping of [...]

Fish Crows staging along Merrimack River!

This short time lapse video, taken with an infrared camera, on Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020, shows Young Fish Crows streaming in, perching and moving around, a regular staging area prior to departing in final flight to the nearby overnight roost! Conditions: clear skies, wind NW at 9MPH, 80F; sunset time 7:58PM. Initial observations from along South Canal [...]

Fish Crows: staging before roost!

Conditions: clear skies, wind W at 5 MPH, temp 85°F; sunset time 8:01PM Had a chance to get out on Crow Patrol a bit earlier than normal and drove in a wider area around the regular staging/roosting area along South Canal Street. Discovered a pack of young Fish Crows hanging around along South Canal St. just west of Casey [...]

Fish Crow Roost: week of July 26, 2020

Sun. July 26, 2020: partly cloudy, wind SW 8MPH, 83F: sunset time 8:11PM Observation details: initial vantage point along South Canal St. watching Crows streaming into regular nightly staging area; mostly Fish Crows streaming in from the west and north, in small groupings, descending in altitude and then swirling into a perch location while vocalizing along the way in; [...]

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