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The Crow Patrol was established during the 2017-2018 winter crow roost season. Craig Gibson, Bob Fox, and his wife Dana Duxbury-Fox got the ball rolling with an expanded fascination of the local winter crow roost along the Merrimack River in Lawrence, MA. They spent over 160 observation nights during the winter of 2018-2019 observing, monitoring, documenting, and photographing the amazing crows. Craig has already had over 60 observation nights, with a constant eye on both staging and roosting patterns, during the 2019-2020 season. Many others have participated, and all are welcome to become members of the Crow Patrol!

Winter Crow Roost: roost still active!

Conditions: clear skies, setting sun, wind from N at 8MPH, temp at 54F; sunset time 7:05PM Out on Crow Patrol after being away for last two weeks due to COVID-19 pandemic. Have received many reports from others who have been able to stop by and observe the roost action late in the season. Unlike last year, we are still [...]

Winter Crow Roost: dusk and dawn!

Observation period: just before sunset on Saturday, March 14, until just after sunrise on Monday, March 16 Conditions: generally clear skies, variable winds up to 10 MPH, and temps from 20F to 48F We are continuing to deploy an ever expanding range of photography gear, audio devices, and even new light meters to help us better understand the behavior [...]

Winter Crow Roost: full moon

Conditions: clear sunset skies, wind W at 13MPH, 70F; sunset time 6:44PM (2020 Winter Crow Roost eBird checklist: #83) Out on Crow Patrol with first stop along Incinerator Road to watch small numbers of Crows staging in the distance, to the east, past Charles Street and around west perimeter of the airport. Moved over to south side of the [...]

Winter Crow Roost: time lapse into roost!

This time lapse video shows the Crows converging into the roost! Conditions: clear sunset skies, wind W 6MPH, 49F: sunset time 5:39PM Out on Crow Patrol with first stop at baseball field on Incinerator Road. Crows observed streaming over Merrimack River, in downward direction and towards staging area located in far corner of the Greater Lawrence Sanitation [...]

Winter Crow Roost: into the roost!

Conditions: partly sunny, wind W 13MPH, gusts 26MPH, 45F; sunset time 5:38PM In an effort to broaden the gear and equipment used to monitor the Winter Crow Roost, we now have access to a wildlife research camera, a Reconyx Professional Series Camera. This Reconyx Professional Series camera is equipped with programming options to meet even the most demanding research [...]

Winter Crow Roost: days are longer!

Conditions: partly sunny, wind S at 9MPH, 54F, sunset 5:36PM Out on Crow Patrol with first stop about 5:15PM along Incinerator Road and viewing the staging Crows mostly to the NE/SE of my vantage point. The Crows were gathering in trees along the south side of the Merrimack River and visible up to 1/2 mile away around the extended [...]

Winter Crow Roost: Staging at Incinerator Road

Conditions: partly sunny, wind W at 18MPH, gusts to 23MPH, 35F, wind chill 26F; sunset time 5:31PM Out on Crow Patrol with initial visit to areas around Lawrence Municipal Airport. Crows seen staging on grassy areas around runways in middle of airport. Moved over to Incinerator Road about 15 minutes before sunset. Over 3,000 Crows mulling around on the [...]

Winter Crow Roost: time lapse into roost!

This time lapse video shows the Crows converging into the roost over 45 minutes! Conditions: overcast skies, wind E at 8MPH, 49F, Suset time: 5:28PM Out on Crow Patrol with start at Incinerator Road baseball field. Crows seen staging across the Merrimack River towards the airport and beyond from around 5:15 until 5:40. Thousands of crows assembled [...]

Winter Crow Roost: out with Green Team!

Conditions: clear skies, wind Sw 7MPH, 58F, sunset 5:27PM --- Week 14 in this roost location! Out on Crow Patrol with first stop at Incinerator Road to meet up with Green Team members along with leaders Yevette and Matt. Lots of Crows seen staging in trees across the Merrimack River, due east and about 375 meters in distance. As [...]

Crow Patrol Outing: Sun. Feb. 23, 2020!

Conditions: clear skies, wind SW 9MPH, 49F; sunset time at 5:26PM Started at 5PM, duration 90 minutes; primary location: south side of Merrimack River, near North Main Street Bigger Crow Patrol outing with 50+ attendees from planned gallery tour and talk event at Essex Art Center, followed by field trip to south side of Merrimack River at downriver location [...]

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