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The Crow Patrol was established during the 2017-2018 winter crow roost season. Dana Duxbury-Fox and her husband, Bob Fox, got the ball rolling
with an expanded fascination of the local winter crow roost along the Merrimack River in Lawrence, MA. They invited Craig Gibson to join them,
and to help with observing, monitoring, and photographing. Many others have participated, and all are welcome to become members of the Crow Patrol!

Crows swirling around west end New Balance!

Made a short stop by the Winter Crow Roost tonight at 4:45PM with sunset at 4:34pm; under clear skies, winds from the NW at 5MPH, and chilly temps at 28F with 22F wind chill.  First stop was the open air top floor of the McGovern Parking Garage.  Many crows were perched atop the upper crown area of the trees [...]

Crow Patrol: beautiful sunset & low winds

Tonight was a spectacular night as we had a beautiful sunset and low winds – and yes a bit chilly. We watched the crows from the roof of the parking garage just south of the New Balance Factory parking lot staging in the South Common, later moving towards the roost many gathering on the roof of the B & [...]

Opening night: Celebrating the Winter Crow Roost!

After months of talks, plans, and lengthy preparation, the Essex Art Center provided a warm welcome last night for the opening reception of the 2019 "Celebrating a Winter Crow Roost" exhibit with all three galleries open with beautiful Crow themed artwork. Members of the local Crow Patrol group have been working very hard with the staff and leaders at [...]

Crow Patrol: Jan. 11th – McGovern Parking Garage!

Sunset time 4:31PM, under mostly sunny skies, wind NW 15MPH with gusts up to 25MPH, and temp at 22F with wind chill 9F.....CHILLY! While making my way into Lawrence for a half hour of Crow Patrol before attending the opening of the "Celebrating the Winter Crow Roost" exhibit at the Essex Art Center, first stop was around the perimeter [...]

YES…..26,000 Crows!

This afternoon Bob and I got to Lawrence about 4 PM – a bit later than usual. It was 3o degrees and the wind was 18 mph from the northwest but the sky in the west was lit by a bright sunset. We got to New Balance by driving down Market St. along the South Common where there were [...]

Essex Art Center: Eagle Tribune Article

The coming of the crows: Essex Art Center's shows celebrate wintering visitors Essex Art Center's shows celebrate wintering visitors By Terry Date Jan 9, 2019 A single crow will entertain. A thousand dazzle. Twenty-six thousand cawing crows blanketing trees nightly in winter along the Merrimack River in a single Lawrence locale fascinate. And get folks a-thinking. Crow awe [...]

Crow Patrol: 20+ join the fun!

Overview: Sunset time at 4:26PM under mostly cloudy skies, wind from NW at 13MPH, gusts at 25MPH, temp at 40F with wind chill at 32F, felt much colder! Crow Patrol started off tonight solo with a pass by Immaculate Conception Cemetery. Immaculate Conception was founded in 1847, followed by St. Mary in 1848, and later merged as St. Mary-Immaculate [...]

Crow Patrol: 20 out on garage rooftop!!

Twenty wonderful crow watchers joined us (Bob, Craig and I) for a spectacular late afternoon Crow Patrol. We met in the New Balance Factory Store Parking Lot at 3:30 pm and, after a brief introduction, walked over to the parking garage and got to the top floor. There was a dark band of clouds on the western sky which [...]

Crow Patrol: Friday, Jan. 4, 2019

The Crow Patrol was out in full force tonight with Dana and Bob leading the way. We were pleasantly surprised to be joined by Dennis Hlynsky, Professor and Dept Head of the Film/Animation/video Department at the Rhode Island School of Design. His dazzling work will be featured at the upcoming Crow exhibit at the Essex Art Center in Lawrence, [...]

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