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The Crow Patrol was established during the 2017-2018 winter crow roost season. Dana Duxbury-Fox and her husband, Bob Fox, got the ball rolling
with an expanded fascination of the local winter crow roost along the Merrimack River in Lawrence, MA. They invited Craig Gibson to join them,
and to help with observing, monitoring, and photographing. Many others have participated, and all are welcome to become members of the Crow Patrol!

Crows & Breadloaf: Boys and Girls Club

Getting to know crows; Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence hosts art and writing program around annual visit Boys & Girls Club Lawrence hosts art/writing program around annual visit Article by Terry Date; post and photos submitted by Craig Gibson A teen writing leader from the crow program read his poem to the room at the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence, [...]

Crow Patrol: staging at Immaculate!

Sunset time at 6:47PM; clear skies, late day sun, wind from the NW at 9MPH, and temp 39F; post and photos submitted by Craig Gibson Met up with Dana and Bob atop the hill on Augustian Way at Immaculate Conception Cemetery with lots of staging Crows around on the ground, in trees, and again, on headstones. Offered up cracked corn [...]

Crow Patrol: Immaculate Conception Cemetery

Sunset time 6:46PM under clear skies, dazzling late day sun with spectacular pastel sky colors, wind from the W at 24MPH, and strong gusts up to 35MPH, temp at 42F; post and photos submitted by Craig Gibson Out on Crow Patrol with Dana and Bob as the Crows began staging in the Immaculate Conception Cemetery; we were located about [...]

Crow Patrol: Haverhill St. area

Sunset time 6:44PM under dark overcast skies with rain and fog; wind from the NE at 6MPH,  and temp at 36F; post and photos submitted by Craig Gibson Out on solo Crow Patrol near sunset; headed up Reservoir St. from Haverhill St. in search of Crows with first sightings at southern end of Bellevue Cemetery. Bellevue Cemetery is a [...]

Crow Patrol: shelter from big NW winds!

Sunset 5:40PM under partly cloudy skies, wind from NW at 15MPH, and gusts to 25MPH, temp at 21F and wind chill 9F.....bone chilling cold, especially with wind off the water; post and photos submitted by Craig Gibson Before meeting up with others out on Crow Patrol; made a pass by Bodwell Street and Guilmette School area. This location has [...]

Crow Patrol: Boys and Girls Club

Sunset time 5:38PM under clear skies, setting sun, wind from S 9MPH, and temp at 26F with 18F wind chill...brrrr; post and photos submitted by Craig Gibson Happy to have Dana and Bob back out on Crow Patrol and what a welcome back the Crows provided! First stop was the Boys and Girls Club and the lookout area at [...]

Crow Patrol: Riverfront State Park

Sunset time at 5:37PM under partly cloudy skies, wind NW 9MPH, and temp at 35F....but wind off the water made it feel much colder! Out on solo Crow Patrol starting almost 40 minutes before sunset; Dana and Bob will return to patrol duties Tuesday night after trip to Peru. Arrived at Riverfront State Park, and observed a few Crows [...]

Crow Patrol: out with 50+ on patrol!

Sunset time 5:36PM; mostly cloudy skies, wind SW 10MPH, temp 39F Crows and Cocoa night with a wonderful group hosted by the Merrimack River Watershed Council; special thanks to Lara Mataac for all of her organizational efforts and also to MRWC Executive Director, Rusty Russell. The turnout was just over 50 people, another record turnout, to watch the Crows [...]

Crow Patrol: Crows in flight!

Prior to meeting the Merrimack River Watershed Council group at the Bashara Boathouse, made a pass by the IC Cemetery to look for staging Crows; mostly sunny skies, wind from SW and temp at 39F. Over 300 Crows loitering in extended area, and on the way out nice looks at a Kestrel!  Here is a Crow coming in on [...]

Crow Patrol: Back to Experiment Station!

Sunset time 5:35PM under dark overcast skies, wind from north at 6MPH, and temp at 30F with wind chill 24F! Out again on solo Crow Patrol just after 5PM, for under almost an hour, with initial stops along Bulfinch Drive and International Way. Crows galore but in smaller numbers, suggesting that this location tonight is only a staging area. [...]

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