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The Crow Patrol was established during the 2017-2018 winter crow roost season. Craig Gibson, Dana Duxbury-Fox, and her husband, Bob Fox, got the ball rolling with an expanded fascination of the local winter crow roost along the Merrimack River in Lawrence, MA. They spent over 160 observation nights during the winter of 2018-2019 observing, monitoring, documenting, and photographing the amazing crows. Many others have participated, and all are welcome to become members of the Crow Patrol!

Hunt’s Photo Walk: Lawrence Crow Roost!

This blog post and photos by Craig Gibson, 2019 Crow Patrol, Lawrence, MA In response to the amazing and unique avian spectacle with the wintering Crows in Lawrence, MA, Hunt's Photo in Melrose, MA is hosting a photo walk to attract photographers to experience the winter crow roost phenomenon first hand. Hunt’s Photo Walks are hands-on workshops that immerse [...]

Crow Patrol: swarms at sunset!

This blog post and photos by Craig Gibson, 2019 Crow Patrol, Lawrence, MA Out on Crow Patrol under mostly cloudy with breaks, wind from the East at 3MPH, and temp at 61F. Sunset time at 6:13PM Amazing night out on solo Crow Patrol! Started out finding both American And Fish Crows along North Canal Street from Ferrous Site westward [...]

Crows: barrel roll flight action!

Clears skies, bright sun, wind NE 3MPH, 68F; Sunset at 6:37PM Started out on solo Crow Patrol on north side of Merrimack River with a number of small groupings of Crow seen along Island St. Headed over to the back side of 280 Merrimack St. to observe staging Crows behind 280 Merrimack St. construction zone. Crows observed on edge [...]

Crows at sunset over Merrimack River

Mostly sunny skies, wind S at 9MPH, temp at 81F, and sunset time 6:40PM Started out on Crow Patrol looking for staging locations. Found small groupings on South Common, along Market St. near Foster St., in and around the railroad tracks, on rooftops and utility poles around intersection of Parker and Merrimack Streets, and on the ground in a [...]

Crow Patrol Recap 2018-2019

Download Full Report For many of our faithful readers, thought you might enjoy the just completed report on the Crow Patrol activities from this past winter season as well as a list of highlights. The 2020 activities are in the early planning stages and we hope you will follow and participate again this year! “As they came in, the [...]

The American Crows are BACK!!!!!

Had an unexpected opportunity to stick around later tonight and look for the return of the American Crows.....they're BACK!  For now it looks like small numbers, but they are clearly American Crows with vocalizations that are distinct from the young Fish Crows that have been hanging around all summer. The lighting conditions were lower under overcast skies, with [...]

Crows know how to have fun!

An article just released by Peter Reull in the Harvard Gazette reports on a study about Crows that has been published in Current Biology by organismic and evolutionary biology graduate student Dakota McCoy.  It is widely known that Crows are considered to be among the world's most intelligent animals. In many recent research studies, Crows and other members of the [...]

Nat Geo: Crows Love Cheeseburgers!

National Geographic highlights a new research report on American Crows that has just been published in the bird journal The Condor: Ornithological Applications. The Condor is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research, syntheses, and assessments from all parts of the globe focusing on the application of scientific theory, ornithological knowledge, and methods to the conservation and management of birds and [...]

Fish Crows at Ferrous Site!

The Fish Crows were gathered around the approach area to the Ferrous Site late this afternoon under partly sunny skies, wind from SW at 14MPH, and temp at 83F.  They were perched on utility wires, fence posts, rooftops, and on the ground. They have frequently been seen in this location, in the late afternoon over the past three weeks. [...]

Crow & Raven: Center for Wildlife

At the kind invitation of Sarah Kern, Director of Education, had a wonderful visit this morning at the Center for Wildlife located in Cape Neddick, Maine. Nestled at the base of Mount Agamenticus, for 33 years their facility has treated over 50,000 injured and orphaned wild animals and presented programming to thousands of community members annually. Their vision is [...]

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