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The Crow Patrol was established during the 2017-2018 winter crow roost season. Craig Gibson, Bob Fox, and his wife Dana Duxbury-Fox got the ball rolling with an expanded fascination of the local winter crow roost along the Merrimack River in Lawrence, MA. They spent over 160 observation nights during the winter of 2018-2019 observing, monitoring, documenting, and photographing the amazing crows. Craig has already had over 60 observation nights, with a constant eye on both staging and roosting patterns, during the 2019-2020 season. Many others have participated, and all are welcome to become members of the Crow Patrol!

Winter Crow Roost: morning dispersal!

Terrific video that shows the Crows waking up and vocalizing loudly before morning dispersal! Conditions: clear skies before dawn, wind S at 3MPH, 51F; sunrise 6:26AM Observations: arrived at the Duck Bridge about 60 minutes before sunrise time. The roost was full with the heaviest and densest concentration of Crows in the trees along the river's edge [...]

Crow roost: aerial views!

Conditions: clear skies at dusk, wind S at 6MPH, temp at 49F, sunset time 4:32PM Observations: first stop on Crow Patrol tonight took place at 4:15 from the roof top of the McGovern parking garage. The Crows were flying in while vocalizing and were landing and gathering in O'Connell South Common, located at the intersection of South Union Street [...]

Winter Crow Roost: stunning sunset!

Conditions: clear skies at dusk, wind NW 12MPH, temp at 36F wind chill, 28F; sunset time 4:34PM Initial observations from roof top of McGovern garage with Crows on many roof tops and utility wires to the west. Lots of flight activity and vocalizations from O'Connell South Common along Market Street. Made quick trip to baseball field and surrounding park [...]

Winter Crow Roost: rooftop liftoff!

This video shows the Crows lifting off in waves towards the overnight roost! Conditions: clear skies at dusk. wind W at 15MPH, gusts to 20MPH, temp at 35F with 25F wind chill; sunset time 4:35PMInitial observations from roof top of McGovern Parking garage with growing numbers of Crows already on the extended B&D roof top. The late [...]

Winter Crow Roost: staging on nearby rooftop!

Time lapse video with crows on nearby roof top as part of the staging process Conditions: heavy overcast skies, visibility 1.5 miles, fog, rain, wind N at 5MPH, temp 45°; sunset time 5:41PM Due to weather conditions, only practical vantage point out of the rain and wind was from the 4th floor of the McGovern Parking Garage; [...]

Winter Crow Roost: converging into roost!

Video in full color with night vision optics showing Crows converging into roost! Conditions: overcast skies, wind W at 5MPH, 50°F; sunset time 5:43PM Initial scouting for staging crows along Island St.and Marston St. with light action; crossed over Rt. 495 Bridge and down onto Merrimack Street. Big pickup in activity around the McGovern Parking Garage. Headed [...]

Winter Crow Roost: staging on rooftops!

This video shows the staging crows lifting off in flight! Conditions: partly cloudy, wind SE 3MPH, 64F; sunset time 5:53PM Observations: first vantage point again at south end of Casey Bridge with Crows streaming in; landing and perching on rooftops and utility wires as well as mulling around on the ground. While surveying the Crows in the [...]

Winter Crow Roost: dump trucks?

This video shows the Crows streaming towards the overnight roost! Conditions: partly cloudy, calm, 55°F; sunset time 5:55PM Observations: initial sightings of staging groups seen around 5:30PM at south end of Casey Bridge on both sides; on the ground, rooftop edges, and perched along nearby utility wires; more staging groups were observed behind the New Balance parking [...]

Crow Roost: rooftop Mill240!

Conditions: mostly clear skies, wind NW 12MPH with gusts to 18MPH, temp at 56F; sunset time 6:13PM Observations: made from roof top of Mill240 building on north side of Merrimack River. Excellent views up and down the river with many Crows streaming in at eye level. Crows gathered in small groupings in multiple nearby locations, and then became concentrated [...]

Winter Crow Roost: from under the Duck Bridge!

Exciting look at Crows converging into the roost from under the Duck Bridge! Conditions: mostly clear skies, wind SE 5 MPH, temp 61F; sunset time 6:18PM Initial observations were made from the Casey Bridge looking west at the Crows streaming into the extended area; one of the staging areas was on the west side of the Casey [...]

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