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The Crow Patrol was established during the 2017-2018 winter crow roost season. Dana Duxbury-Fox and her husband, Bob Fox, got the ball rolling
with an expanded fascination of the local winter crow roost along the Merrimack River in Lawrence, MA. They invited Craig Gibson to join them,
and to help with observing, monitoring, and photographing. Many others have participated, and all are welcome to become members of the Crow Patrol!

Essex Art Center 2019 Crow Show: Eagle Tribune!

Essex Art Center celebrates winter crow roost Dec 26, 2018 LAWRENCE —The Essex Art Center will present exhibitions and programs around crows, exploring myths that portray them as tricksters, omens, and bringers of light, and celebrating the winter roost along the Merrimack River. Opening reception for its three crow shows is Jan. 11, from 5 to 7 p.m. The [...]

Crow Patrol: a memorable night!

Last night was a memorable and beautiful night on Crow Patrol in Lawrence MA. We met Cheryl Dean of Newburyport, Rinky Black and her sister from Erving, MA and Judy Rogers of North Andover at the New Balance Parking Lot an hour before sunset (3:17 yesterday). Richard Osborne and his wife Julia who had previously visited with us were [...]

Crow Patrol on South Canal Street!

While driving southbound over Duck Bridge a few minutes after 4PM, under mostly clear skies, calm wind, temp at 34F, and sunset time at 4:17 PM, large numbers of Crows were observed streaming in on flight lines from the north. Initial observations showed active staging in and around South Common, and farther to S and SE; made a quick tour [...]

Crow Patrol: 25,000+!!

Crow Patrol December 20th, 2018 Yesterday starting at 3:15 pm Bob and I enjoyed sharing the Lawrence MA crow patrol with Ann Banks from Gloucester, Jill Mathieu from Norton, Richard and Julia Osborne from Winchester and Mac McBurney from Arlington. It was a rare, windless afternoon with temperatures in the 40’ s and a mostly gray sky making it [...]

Crows crossing to final roost

Headed over the Duck Bridge just after 4PM, under partly cloudy skies, little wind, temp 46F, and sunset time at 4:13pm, while watching the endless river of Crows streaming upriver from the east; parked at east end of of South Canal Street to watch the Crows on the roof, and crossing over into final roost. Many Crows streaming in [...]

Crows passing the Clock Tower

Started out on Crow Patrol, minutes before the 4;12PM sunset time, under clear skies, wind from the NW at 16MPH, with gusts up to 32MPH.  Made my way along Marston Street near the Marston Medical Center.  Large numbers of Crows were seen swirling around just to the east of the Medical Center, in the and around the R&R Auto [...]

Spectacular night: 25,000+!

Thursday night was the most spectacular night of all watching the Lawrence MA Winter Crow roost hands up. We went out there an hour before sunset 3:11 pm with Nancy Soulette and Gwyn Loud of Lincoln and were joined there by David Lipsky of Concord, NH. Bob was prepared to count them and I was going to lead our guests [...]

Observing Crows from New Balance!

Crow Patrol with Dana Duxbury-Fox, and husband Bob Fox, and Craig Gibson had the wonderful invitation to visit the New Balance building complex for an opportunity to view the Crows from windows on the fourth floor. Mostly cloudy skies, wind from south at 3MPH, and temp at 45F. With deep gratitude to the NB security and senior staff, we [...]

Morning Dispersal before dawn from roost!

With sunrise time at 7:05AM, arrived minutes after 6AM to observe the morning dispersal of the Crow roost, observing the the Duck Bridge under overcast skies, wind NW 3MPH, 29F.  The view below is from the south end of the Duck bridge, looking NW at Crow covered trees, with the Verizon Tower in the distant [...]

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