Clears skies, bright sun, wind NE 3MPH, 68F; Sunset at 6:37PM

Started out on solo Crow Patrol on north side of Merrimack River with a number of small groupings of Crow seen along Island St. Headed over to the back side of 280 Merrimack St. to observe staging Crows behind 280 Merrimack St. construction zone. Crows observed on edge of rooftops on 280 as well as nearby buildings; Crows seen streaming in from SE; lots of playful barrel roll flight action;

Provided a snack of in shell peanuts in the parking lot and the Fish Crows had a total food fight in the glow of late day sun! Headed over to South Canal St. and observed Crows staging on rooftop of New Balance building, other nearby rooftop edges, utility wires and poles, and on rooftop of Mill240 on north side of Merrimack River. It is always fascinating to observe the spacing in between each perched bird.

Heard a loud canon blast type boom about 5:45pm that seemed to come from a low rooftop inside of the National Grid substation.  It sent all Crows in thew proximate area into a wild flight swirl and then 10 minutes later they started to settle back down again.

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