Running with birds: Few of us are clever enough to be crows

By Rebecca PughDecember 8, 2019

When you run on the roads in Ipswich, you are likely to come across crows perched in barren trees. Crows migrate back to familiar places year after year.

You may notice them because they perch where they can see the road.

It’s likely they are noticing you. According to the ornithologist Kevin McGowan at Cornell, a crow can tell you apart from all the other runners.

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Birding unplugged: An occasional series about birds for people out and about without binoculars or books. Rebecca Pugh, author, has a Ph.D. in storytelling and peacemaking from Lesley University and is a student in Mass Audubon’s Birder’s Certificate Program at Joppa Flats. The photographs in her story are taken by Rebecca Pugh and Craig Gibson.