Despite best intentions, sometimes it’s just not possible to get out on Crow Patrol until well after dark.  Made it out tonight around 5:45PM, well after sunset time at 4:11pm,  and clear skies, winds from the NW 10MPH, and the temp at 30F, with a wind chill making it feel like 21F.  While heading south over the Duck Bridge, no crows in sight in the trees on the south side of the Merrimack River near the east end of the New Balance building. The cover photo shows many Crows lounging on the ground at the very back of the truck depot lot and in the trees farther back along the river.  Thought it might make sense to get a look behind the back end of the CubeSmart building on the west side, where the line of riverside trees continue up to the Casey Bridge.  Crows were present, but in much smaller numbers.