Sunset time at 6:56PM under clear skies and dazzling bright orange late day sun, wind E 8MPH, temp at 46F; altitude approx. 142′ above sea level; post and photos submitted by Craig Gibson

Initially out on Crow Patrol solo at IC Cemetery; initial observations from very back of cemetery, watching slow trickle of Crows coming in;

Crows were in trees, on the ground and in flight with all kinds of vocalizations; offered peanuts with warm response;

Dana and Bob joined me and we cruised through the narrow cemetery streets and lanes and watched the Crows while comparing notes on the phone; about 25 minutes before sunset, a large group of Crows departed south towards the Merrimack River;

Dana and Bob headed off to the south side of the Merrimack River; watched a large number of Crows return to the remaining pile of peanuts and unfolding feeding frenzy.

At sunset another large batch of Crows departed towards the river with rising full moon in background; tracked a group of Crows to a cluster of trees and on the roof edge of an old brick mill building along Lowell St. near Winter St.

Dana and Bob provided another phone update just after 7PM on Crows gathering in trees at the Experiment Station on the south side of the river. Went to the Boys and Girls Club for a view from river landing at rear of B/G Club, looking south. 2500+ Crows in trees on south side;

about 25 minutes after sunset the Crows rose up in massive swirls a number of times, and then many started to head off in flight in northbound direction.

Departed in search of northbound Crows and located many of them near corner of Melvin and Margin Streets, one hour after sunset, tightly clustered in trees behind the Lumbini Buddhist Temple with the rising full moon casting a magical glow……what a night out on Crow Patrol!

A look at main entrance of the Temple!