Sunset time tonight at 5:30PM under clear skies with late day setting sun, wind blowing from the NW at 16MPH and gusts up to 24MPH, and temp at 22F with wind chill making it feel like 8F!

Out on Crow Patrol solo tonight at 5:10PM for about 50 minutes. While driving west on Haverhill St., heading towards last night’s roost, was able to track many Crows flying above the downtown buildings in a westerly direction. Arrived in general area of Monday night roost, and circled around many blocks to scan for action. The largest and loudest assemblage of Crows was along the western edge of School St. closer to intersection of Bodwell St.

For a while, parked in lower area of School St. near Van Doorne Park and watched many crows streaming in from SE; repositioned to parking lot of nearby Guilmette School and watched Crows moving into the roost trees along upper part of School St.

The overall number of Crows seemed much lower than prior night, but unable to figure out where else Crows might have been! Here is a final image taken about 30 minutes after sunset with darkness setting in!

For those with an interest, here is an updated map to helped pinpoint the location of tonight’s overnight roost: