Sunset time 7:03PM under clear skies and late day sun, wind N12 MPH, and temp at 40F

Out on solo Crow Patrol for a short while tonight; checked a number of prior staging areas after looking at the Great Blue Herons setting up nests at Nevins Bird Sanctuary; rolled along Grove St. onto Railroad St while looking for Crows in Walnut Grove Cemetery, not a Crow in sight. Moved along to Immaculate Conception and other cemeteries, again no Crows. Crossed over Haverhill St. and headed towards the river, then along Water St, east to rt. 28, and over the bridge, again no Crows. Finally arrived at Industrial Way and found 300+ Crows near the Simpsons/Affinity buildings.

Once again, they were milling around on the grass and pavement; many were in nearby trees, a number of rooftops, and others swirling around in flight.

A few peanuts were offered up and well received!