Brian shared details about his background, his time on staff at Manomet, his involvement in the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN), creating the International Shorebird Survey, details about the recent article in Bird Observer on counting and estimating, techniques for estimating large flocks, and the importance of practicing estimating techniques.


BRIAN HARRINGTON, founder of the International Shorebird Survey and an emeritus scientist at Manomet, recently joined the Manomet Board of Trustees. Brian began working at Manomet (then the Manomet Bird Observatory) in 1972. Until his retirement in 2007, Harrington focused on conservation issues associated with the long, nonstop migrations of many kinds of shorebirds, particularly the Red Knot. In 1996, he authored the popular book, “The Flight of the Red Knot,” and continues his work with knots and shorebird conservation to this day.

Currently, Harrington serves as an advisor to the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network, a science-based, partnership-driven conservation initiative for protecting the ecological integrity of critical habitats for shorebirds throughout the Americas. He is also a co-leader of the South Shore and Upper Cape Chapter of the Citizens’ Climate lobby and a Trustee of the Wildlands Trust. Previously, Brian served as President of The Herring Ponds Watershed Association in Plymouth, which he founded.

CRAIG GIBSON is a bird conservation photographer. His current focus is on expanding awareness about the Winter Crow Roost located in Lawrence, MA. Craig has well over 300 documented observation nights tracking and documenting this crow roost. He leads many group tours and has made numerous presentations and talks. Craig designed and launched a blog and this podcast about the Winter Crow Roost and continues to oversee all editorial content. He has also been the lead on initiating and coordinating a range of activities and events with local arts, education, and community groups as well as working with a growing number of conservation and environmental organizations. He wrote and published a comprehensive 14-page report to recap the 2018-2019 winter season, and a comprehensive guide about roost photography at night. His efforts have raised much greater awareness about the Winter Crow Roost in Lawrence, MA, and he has been a catalyst for a range of new community science initiatives.

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