Sunset time at 5:28PM under overcast skies, with wind blowing at 23MPH, and gusts up to 37MPH, temp at 31F and wind chill at 18F, but feeling much colder!

Out on solo Crow Patrol with first stop at Riverfront State Park and no Crows seen on the ground or in flight. Then, onto Eaton Street and towards the Bashara Boathouse where about 300+ Crows were seen milling around on lawns, trees, and rooftops before end of street.

Remained here for a while and observed small numbers of incoming Crows, but not the growing and larger numbers that normally happen close to sunset time, and no clear pattern of Crow flight nearby. Crows were seen, with binoculars, in the distance about a 1/2 mile away on north side of Merrimack River, and well inland from the river. Drove to the west around the Industrial Way complex, and hardly a Crow in sight; back to the boathouse.  Had a nice conversation with Jed Koehler, who serves as Executive Director for Greater Lawrence Community Boating.  GLCB offers a vast amount of programs that include sailing, rowing, canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding. Furthermore, GLCB also offers a science and nature program, a dance program, arts and crafts, and a computer room for all kids and adults. With Jed, looking skyward, we saw the Crows starting to move out in small numbers, in northerly direction over river.

Headed over river to Floral St. area, which is located north of Water Street. Crows in much larger numbers were seen streaming in from multiple directions; cruised up and down Floral St.; then back and forth on Hudson Ave.

The large numbers of Crows had settled into the overnight roost in this neighborhood about 4/10 mile NW from the prior roost on Riverview Place; this location is very close to the Hennessey School were they were seen early morning on Feb. 14, 2019.  The Crows were packed in tonight on trees, rooftops, and chimneys.  The vocalizing was loud and intense in this residential area as darkness became more pronounced, and the last light began to fade.

Wonder how high wind speed and gust levels may have impacted roost location? After 4 plus weeks, this would start a slight shift to another new area, but stay tuned as we observe next number of nights!  Since the Crows have moved the overnight roost to the west of the Great Stone Dam, starting around Jan. 24, they have generally remained with a 1/2 mile radius of the Riverfront State Park area, with only a few zigs and zags.  Overall, this movement is a bit different from last winter. The map below shows the distance and direction of last night’s roost area from the prior overnight roost area along Riverview Place.  It also shows the location in relation to the boathouse.