Mostly sunny skies, wind S at 9MPH, temp at 81F, and sunset time 6:40PM

Started out on Crow Patrol looking for staging locations. Found small groupings on South Common, along Market St. near Foster St., in and around the railroad tracks, on rooftops and utility poles around intersection of Parker and Merrimack Streets, and on the ground in a parking area west of Parker st. on South Canal St. N

Was joined by Ron Phillips from Hunts Photo and Video. We explored these location a bit further and made our way back to the New Balance parking lot and out onto the Duck Bridge to observe and photograph the crows coming into the final roost. Looking back over left shoulder, had a chance to observe Crows leapfrogging to the west along the rooftop of 280 Merrimack Street. The Crows took their time swirling into the roost, most streaming in from the west, many crows landing and lingering on the New Balance roof, and others coming in from the NE over the Merrimack River! The colors were magnificent!