Headed over the Duck Bridge just after 4PM, under partly cloudy skies, little wind, temp 46F, and sunset time at 4:13pm, while watching the endless river of Crows streaming upriver from the east; parked at east end of of South Canal Street to watch the Crows on the roof, and crossing over into final roost. Many Crows streaming in from the SE at this vantage point. Thousands staging on the B&D rooftop prior to flying over Merrimack Street to final roost. At one point a train came by, about 20 minutes after sunset, with a loud horn, sending hordes of Crows into the air and then settling back down!

Tracked the Crows as they made there way over the National Grad substation in a giant swirl; many landed in and around the National Grid property, while many landed in the trees along the Merrimack River….once again amazing sight!

About 20 minutes later, after many of the Crows had settled in and the loud chorus of calls subsided, it was fascinating to observe well over 300 Fish Crows perched on the utility wires with the National Grid substation!

Bob Fox suggests over 25,000 from his meticulous nightly count; Dana and Bob hosted a Crow Patrol group atop the McGovern Parking Garage.