Made a short stop by the Winter Crow Roost tonight at 4:45PM with sunset at 4:34pm; under clear skies, winds from the NW at 5MPH, and chilly temps at 28F with 22F wind chill.  First stop was the open air top floor of the McGovern Parking Garage.  Many crows were perched atop the upper crown area of the trees in O’Connell South Common.  The numbers keep growing until they start to make the initial move in NW direction towards the warehouse roof tops.

As they make that move, the Crows tend to fly by the SW corner of the garage, some landing in nearby trees, and others continuing a bit further.  On a clear night, like tonight,this movement places the Crows into the glowing path of the setting sun.  As they pass, the sky color tends to yellow and orange and the crows become silhouettes against the brighter background….always quiet a site!

Further, they tend to gather in growing numbers on the long stretch of rooftop over the B&D Advanced Warehousing facilities. The numbers here often add up into the thousands as they stage on the roof top prior auto making a final move to the roost.  The Crows often pack themselves in very close to one another, almost creating a carpet effect on the rooftop.

Prior to leaving, there was a spectacular swirl of Crows around the west end of the New Balance building.  The aerial swirling is awesome to watch and is often times followed by perching along the rooftop of the New Balance building, where the Crows space out just enough so as to leave just a bit of room between each other!

Craig Gibson

2019 Crow Patrol