Just reviewed a news release from Hamilton College, located in Clinton, N.Y., on the results of a fascinating recent research project.  The project was overseen by Andrea Townsend, Assistant Professor of Biology at Hamilton.  Prof. Townsend and three undergraduate students “spent the summer raising and nurturing” 4 baby Crows for “research, outreach, and teaching purposes.”

Here are the highlights of their research project:

  1. the four crow chicks, presumably no more than days old, came from nearby nests, were fed very carefully, grew older, and then entered a special aviary/playground
  2. the research team found that the Crows have “notable behavioral and cognitive patterns”
  3. each of Crows were found to have a “distinct personality”
  4. the personalities remained consistent
  5. some of the Crows “started trying to imitate talking”

We hope to contact the students and learn a bit more about their impressions and experiences working with the young Crows!

Holly Foster, Hamilton College, Family Dynamics in the Nest, Sept 28, 2018

Link: https://www.hamilton.edu/news/story/andrea-townsend-biology-crow-research-family-dynamics-in-the-nest