The Fish Crows were gathered around the approach area to the Ferrous Site late this afternoon under partly sunny skies, wind from SW at 14MPH, and temp at 83F.  They were perched on utility wires, fence posts, rooftops, and on the ground. They have frequently been seen in this location, in the late afternoon over the past three weeks. Sometimes they remain in this area, and at other times they gather on the south side of the Merrimack River, in the construction zone behind 280 Merrimack Street. Often times they perch on the metal fence tops.

On the north side of the access road is a low wooden fence to keep vehicles and other passersby from going into the shallow north canal below.  As the Crows gather, this wooden fence becomes a popular perch location! One of the Fish Crows is just taking off in flight with wings fully outstretched and ready to go aloft!

While the Fish crows were moving around in this general area, had a chance to observe and photograph many takeoff and landing moments.  It is always a joy to watch the ever changing flight patterns of these aerial acrobats!