This blog post and photos by Craig Gibson, 2019 Crow Patrol, Lawrence, MA

In response to the amazing and unique avian spectacle with the wintering Crows in Lawrence, MA, Hunt’s Photo in Melrose, MA is hosting a photo walk to attract photographers to experience the winter crow roost phenomenon first hand. Hunt’s Photo Walks are hands-on workshops that immerse the student in different aspects of photography, both technically and aesthetically. There is no better way to advance skills than through a hands-on experience, and these walks provide you with that opportunity, especially under late day lighting conditions, and dark subjects. As co-leaders for this walk, Ron Phillips and Craig Gibson will also provide guided help to photographers of all skill levels.  We’ll spend time on high speed action/flight photos as well as long exposure settings after sunset to capture dramatic nighttime crow action and background cityscapes…..don’t miss the fun!