With sunrise time at 7:05AM, arrived minutes after 6AM to observe the morning dispersal of the Crow roost, observing the the Duck Bridge under overcast skies, wind NW 3MPH, 29F.  The view below is from the south end of the Duck bridge, looking NW at Crow covered trees, with the Verizon Tower in the distant background.

The Crow Patrol was on duty to observe the pre-dawn dispersal from the overnight communal winter roost; arrived to very loud and raucous chorus of Crow calls; just after whisper of first light, the Crows began streaming out from the trees and heading in all directions, with many heading out on NE flight lines; made observations from west side of Duck Bridge; just amazing!  This view below is looking west, over the Merrimack River, towards the Casey Bridge at the swirling Crows as they start the dispersal flight exodus.