An email arrived in early June from Loverel Vinton-Gordon. She is a poet and writer originally from the UK. She has lived in Belgium now for 25 years. She also spent five years living in the SW of France near Bordeaux. She has always had a strong connection to nature and birds going back to when she was a child.  She loved being outdoors gardening with her mum or going out on nature walks.

Her work is becoming more well known as she gone from occasionally sharing with friends to taking part in Poets Corner sessions and is now busy with creating a platform on Instagram where her poetry, prose and “ Light-Bulb” (inspirational quotes and “paradigms) can be enjoyed by a wider audience. While preparing her debut piece for Instagram, she discovered a photo of a group of crows in flight around the Clock Tower in Lawrence, MA near sunset time. The photo caught her attention because it is the exact image she needed for the “Light -Bulb” moment she had in mind.  A moment that provided inspiration for her as she thought about the film “The Green Mile” featuring Tom Hanks and at the end of which – is a similar scene to your image of the Clock Tower which represents our mind and the Crows are likened to invasive thoughts.


“Thoughts are like Crows – As long as they are circling on the outside its fine

The problem comes when they decide to take up resIdence as its almost

impossible to get them to leave again not to mention the collateral damage they cause…..Anon

Inspired by my request for her to write something – she submitted the following poem…….

Their crude, Mocking Screeches sound on high

Giving rise to impending alarm with their Hue and Cry

Like single-minded bomber jets to the target they fly

The Ghosts from the underworld – the recesses of our minds

Diving and circling ever closer and closer

Intently gazing on their goal as deftly they hover

With their shrill clatter – descends a tirade of thoughts

To bombard, menace, worry and bother

The clever diversion aimed to stun and fase

disguising the dark thoughts now bobbing on the surface from Hades backyard

A Public display of fears, outdated beliefs and inadequacies

Drowning out the voice that says

“Inside its warm, clean and dry”

Make this moment just like watching a cloud

And before you know – it will pass by

For thoughts – when ignored and left alone

Eventually get bored, move on and continue to roam

Finding somewhere else more suited to nesting and setting up home


If you feed them with attention – once in – its safe to say

They make terrible neighbours and will almost certainly over-stay their stay

Reducing your dwelling to a sordid pigsty

Not to mention your nerves all tattered and frayed….

Submitted by Loverel Vinton-Gordon 19-06-19