Muse Magazine is a well known magazine for students about science, culture, and nature. It has just published a fascinating article about the winter crow roost in Lawrence, MA. Muse magazine is a magazine aimed at kids between the ages of nine and fourteen who love to learn about new things. This award-winning magazine delights children with stimulating images, articles on space, information on nature, and more. It is sponsored by the Smithsonian, so you can be sure a child will be getting solid information.

On Winter Nights, Crows Pour into Cities by the Thousands. Nobody Knows Why.

by Joseph Keierleber

When birds settle down to rest or sleep, it’s called “roosting.” The word “roost” also means a group of birds that is roosting together, like the crows in Lawrence. On nights from fall to early spring, crows form roosts across the United States and Canada. The number of crows in a winter roost can be mind-boggling. It’s impossible to count every crow, but good estimates often reach the thousands, sometimes up to 100,000 crows in a roost. A roost site in Oklahoma held 2,000,000 crows!

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